Southend News Network would like to take this opportunity to apologise officially to Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation after their Chief Executive Robert Thomson blamed ‘fake news’ in part for an $817 million dollar loss across their UK and Australian titles, including The Sun.

We can only assume that he was making a direct reference to Southend News Network for this – after all one of their journalists at The Sun published a recent SNN news story as actual fact back in April 2017.

It remained live on their Facebook page for more than two hours, in front of their 2.5m plus followers.


Full details here.

The whole sorry incident even made it onto Channel 4 as well – we apologise for that too.

According to

Whilst speaking about so-called fake news (as in losses incurred), chief executive Robert Thomson claimed that News Corp challenges what he named as a:

dysfunctional content eco-system, in which the fake and the fraudulent have flourished.

He added that News Corp were in advanced discussions with digital platforms:

over the creation of payment mechanisms for news of verified veracity.

Southend News Network apologises unreservedly for any actions that have resulted in a drop in profits to News Corporation, and after seeking legal advice we have decided to set up a crowdfunding campaign so that we can repay as much of the $817 million dollar loss as possible.

Please check it out here and give generously, and together we can help News Corporation, including their landmark titles The Sun and The Times get through this terrible, terrible time.

Thank you.

Chief Reporter, Southend News Network

PS: If any other fake news websites want to chip in a fiver, please visit the link above.