As some of our readers may already be aware, our article about Mr Tumble and his CRB check has been ripped off in its entirety by another page called The Rochdale Herald – they have made no attempt to credit Southend News Network as the original source.

Lighthearted Facebook banter aside, we have also made an official attempt to ask them to remove the story by email – they have replied back to say in no uncertain terms that this is not going to happen.

According to their editor, this act is retaliation for a Jeremy Corbyn / train image meme that we ‘stole’ from them recently. We would like to take this opportunity to point out that we used the same image that they had already taken from another page – it has been shared and copied hundreds, if not thousands of times already!

Although sharing the image was a debatable move, written content can be directly monetised and this is why we have taken firm action in this matter. 

As they have made it perfectly clear that they do not intend to remove the content as it is an act of ‘protest,’ we have been forced to take be unprecedented step of referring this to our legal representatives. 

We have never taken this kind of action before, but the fact remains that Southend News Network takes its content and protecting said content incredibly seriously. It’s all a bit of fun and games sometimes but in all seriousness it is an article which has had more than 88,000 shares and more than 600,000 views. 

Southend News Network is a business like any other, and as such action will always be taken to protect its assets. As proceedings are now underway, no further comment will be made at this time.