Earlier today, Southend News Network published a story that expressed a certain amount of ‘surprise’ at the fact that someone had managed to pick up a WiFi signal 30cm away from their BT Home Hub.

After a lengthy conversation with a number of individuals working in the commercial law sector, it was decided that we should communicate the following information about BT Home Hubs, their technical specification and their capabilities.

Brilliant home wi-fi has arrived

Thanks to its massive power and clever tech, the BT Smart Hub can make a huge difference to getting online at home.

Now you can let people Watch BT TV, stream videos and go online gaming – all at the same time. Those wi-fi signals go a long way too, so you can get online easily with a fast and reliable connection.

Powerful wi-fi

The all-new BT Smart Hub has the power to give you wi-fi even in hard-to-reach rooms.

Superfast wi-fi

The BT Smart Hub uses next-generation wi-fi standards to give you massive speed.

Get future-proofed

The BT Smart Hub could support many home appliances as they become wi-fi enabled.

The helpful hub

If the BT Smart Hub spots a problem, it will quietly reboot and make a fresh connection.

Furthermore, we have also been reminded to point out that a number of different factors can affect wireless signal reception, such as total distance, thick walls and the number of other radio-enabled devices in the area.

So there you are. More details are available here.