A 34-year-old man from Southend is set to feature in the next Queen’s Honours List after he heroically defied the odds to win the 2016 All-Essex Arse Kicking Competition in Chelmsford. He will now carry on to the national finals in Birmingham in December.

Stuart Pivott spoke to Southend News Network shortly after his magnificent victory in the final against last year’s winner Michael Hoop, and he confirmed that he has learnt to ignore those who say that it isn’t possible to get the necessary balance and leverage with only one leg to stand on.

He said: ‘After years of training with a number of different martial arts experts, I have developed a technique where I have developed the core strength in my leg to jump higher than the average male is able to.’

‘This extra time in the air then allows me to regain balance when I am airborne, lean backwards slightly and then thrust my leg forward with the necessary force to kick another man right up the arse.’

‘In the early days of training, my biggest problem was that I had trouble landing properly, and in competitive arse kicking ending up flat on your arse is an instant disqualification. However, I have realised that by giving myself as much time in the air as possible, I can fully balance myself on the descent and land with the grace of Beth Tweddle.’

‘Timing is everything in this sport, and a split second out either way can result in you only making contact with one buttock and losing vital points from the judges – luckily I manage to hit the sweet spot more often than not.’

For Stuart, his most memorable moment of this year’s competition came when he managed to floor an 18-stone competitor who was hotly-tipped to take the title – this is also regarded as an instant win in the sport.

He said: ‘He had only been living in the UK for three months after coming over from Russia to improve his prospects, and that semi-final win will live in my memory forever.’

The national UK Arse Kicking Finals will be held at Wembley Arena throughout December, and you can watch Stuart’s attempt to bring the title home to Essex live on Sky Sports 4.