Ever since we managed to trick The S*n into publishing a fake news story that we wrote about a baby in a cow onesie being kicked out of a vegan’s birthday party, we’ve been keeping a close eye out for their next faux-pas. 

You can read about that gem here. 

Anyway earlier this morning it became clear that there would be a ‘major’ announcement from Buckingham Palace, and it seems that someone at The S*n was ‘hedging their bets’ somewhat.

At the time of writing this article, a quick Google search for ‘Prince Philip The Sun’ was showing this little beauty in the results.

Of course clicking on the link went straight through to an error page as the article must have been swiftly removed, but Google tells all.

The vegan baby incident is still well-documented on there after all!

The funniest thing here is that they must have published it without even taking the filler text out of the headline.

You couldn’t make it up!

We’re actually really upset about all of this as it now seems that there is yet another competitor for us to deal with in the fake news marketplace.

At least we don’t have as many tits on display as the ol’ currant bun.

The Duke of Edinburgh probably doesn’t appreciate it either. We’ve heard that he has quite a temper on him …

You can see our own take on the situation here. Apparently the emergency meeting was all about Her Majesty noticing a load of dodgy porn movies on her Sky bill. ‘Tits A Wonderful Life’ sounds fascinating.