Motorists in Essex have been reacting with OUTRAGE after a spokesperson for the Department of Transport announced that either the A13 or the A127 will be forced to close by 2018 – the decision has reportedly been taken due to upcoming cuts in the Essex roadal infrastructure budget. However, it may not all be bad news for the county as a ‘significant’ number of new homes will be built on the land currently used by the road that is chosen for closure. 

Bert Carnage-Rogers, Home Counties Minister For Roadal Policy said: ‘The news will come as a shock to many people, but the sad fact is that as an austerity-centred government we simply cannot continue to maintain both the A127 and the A13. We are starting the consultation process immediately, and by the end of 2016 we will close either the A127 between the M25 and Southend or the A13 between Sadlers Farm and East London. Both roads connect the same area of South Essex to London, and it is a huge duplication of resources that we can no longer sustain. Residents don’t need to worry about traffic levels as we have already conducted research that shows that congestion will be kept at the same levels with one road instead of two – these academic papers will be available after the statutory 75-year Official Secrets Act period of protection has elapsed.’

He added: ‘No matter which road is chosen to be shut, the sale of the land to housing developers will raise a colossal amount of money for the county authority. Naturally a new trunk-road standard highway will need to be built to connect all of the new housing estates together, and this will create thousands of new jobs. This is another fantastic example of the joined-up thinking that this Conservative government has brought to Britain.’