New parents Michael and Gillian Frelch from Westcliff in Essex have been telling Southend News Network about their disgust after a Yodel courier helped to deliver their baby boy and then left him under a bush in their front garden.

Gillian, 32, went into labour on Thursday morning just as the courier arrived with an Amazon package, and he calmly took control of the situation.

Michael, 34, said: ‘The Yodel courier arrived just as she was screaming for me to call an ambulance, but he told us not to worry as he had previous delivery experience. Our baby came really quickly in the end, and he seemed very knowledgeable about childbirth.’

‘While he wrapped him up in a towel I made Gillian comfortable, but then all of a sudden I noticed that both the courier and our baby had disappeared.’

We started to panic, and suddenly we spotted a ‘while you were out’ card on the floor to tell us that he had left our 10-minute old son under a bush outside the front of our house.’

Gillian added: ‘We ran outside in a frantic rush to find him, and it took us ages to get him out properly as he had pushed him right to the back of the shrub. He was completely unharmed which we are very thankful for, but we did have to peel a couple of consignment stickers off his face.’

A spokesperson for Yodel said: ‘In the event that a package needs to be left in a safe place, we tell our deliverers to deliver them somewhere out of harm’s way.’

‘If they get in touch with our customer care team we will send them a plant or something.’