Parents in the Essex town of Leigh On Sea have reacted with outrage after a local popular kids clothing store launched a range of t-shirts for boys and girls under the age of 10 that have been described as ‘inappropriate’ and ‘disgusting.’ According to a number of complaints that have been made, the controversial items include references to erections, sexual intercourse and ‘well-endowed animals,’ but the owner of Fuzzy Teddy Togs in Thames Lane is adamant that there has been a ‘huge misunderstanding’ and he has no plans to withdraw the t-shirts from sale.

Fuzzy Teddy Togz

Although the official website for Fuzzy Teddy Togs has now been taken offline for ‘technical issues,’ a Southend News Network reporter was able to obtain images of the t-shirts that have angered local parents. It has been alleged that the one that is emblazoned with the phrase ‘I Love Wood’ is making a direct reference to an erection, while the garment saying ‘Don’t Screw Me’ has led some parents to think that it is telling someone that they do not wish to have sexual intercourse with them. A third t-shirt showing a silhouette of a horse and an arrow pointing downwards has attracted the highest number of complaints, with ‘disgusted’ parents saying that it is making a direct reference to the fact that a horse is usually well-endowed.

We made a number of attempts to contact the shop’s owner Douglas Entendre, and he responded earlier today by email. He wrote: ‘The t-shirts in question are currently selling incredibly well, and I am very frustrated at the number of parents who are trying to ruin my reputation with these ridiculous allegations. ‘I Love Wood’ is a perfectly innocent phrase for someone who wants to declare their admiration for a finely-crafted piece of furniture, and ‘Don’t Screw Me’ is a great thing for a kid with attitude to say – as far as I am concerned it screams out that the wearer isn’t someone to be messed with. I am appalled that so many people have seen the horse and the downward arrow before just jumping to conclusions, and to anybody who isn’t sick in the head it is clearly a horse jumping over a fence.’

Mr Entendre added: ‘Even if my kids t-shirts’ designs were taken the wrong way, there’s nothing worse than what you can see on the Disney Channel at any time of the day or night. All I am trying to do is offer children and their parents some clothing styles that are unique, but if they would rather just blend into a sea of Primark then that’s their choice. Once the threats of violence die down I will be opening my shop’s doors once again, but until then all of these t-shirts can be purchased online for £24.99 each plus delivery.’