Parents across the UK have been told to check all of their nappy packaging as a matter of extreme urgency after it emerged that a manufacturing fault means that there could be up to FIVE MILLION nappies currently in circulation with a potentially explosive mix of chemicals in the absorbing layer.

According to the independent manufacturer Absorpcorp Baby who make nappies on behalf of almost every premium nappy maker and supermarket own brand, nappy packets with the batch code 7644833-BB8 should be returned to a store without delay so that a refund or replacement can be issued. 

Chloe Nettles is a mum of three from Southend, and she contacted Southend News Network to say that her 18-month-old daughter Natasha’s bottom suddenly started smoking after a recent nappy change. 

She said: ‘Natasha was just playing with her toys on the floor, and I could hear a loud hissing sound. Our lounge filled up with a white and green smoke and thankfully I managed to pull her nappy off before she was seriously injured.’

Sir Mervyn Bwotch, CEO of Absorpcorp, issued a statement earlier today to explain the situation. He said: ‘While we are always incredibly careful to ensure that the correct mixture of chemicals are applied in every single nappy, unfortunately a computer fault meant that up to five million unbranded nappies left our factory with layers that could explode.’ 

‘All of our nappies contain a trace of potassium, a chemical used across the industry to make nappies hold as much liquid as possible, but on this occasion a dangerous amount of potassium was applied to every single unit.’

‘As a result, any babies or young children with particularly alkaline urine could trigger a severe chemical reaction with white-hot flashes and toxic smoke. Anyone with packets that give a batch code of 7644833-BB8 should return them immediately.’

A Trading Standards Agency alert added: ‘The batch number could be on any UK nappy brand – either branded or supermarket own. While not all children will have highly alkaline urine,  a complete recall is the only solution in these circumstances.’