Patricia Pringle and her 7-year-old daughter Scarlett have spoken of their ‘complete and utter heartbreak’ after their hamster Percy passed away on Friday night at their Thundersley home.

Earlier on Friday afternoon, Percy had escaped from his cage and eaten almost an entire bag of Peanut M&Ms, and his poor little body had practically shut down.

However, shortly after taking him to their local vet and finding out that there was nothing that could be done for little Percy, Patricia put a photo and his tragic story on Facebook to see if everyone could pray for their heroic and brave hamster – unfortunately it seems that he didn’t get enough likes, comments and shares to survive the ordeal.

She spoke to our Chief Reporter with Scarlett by her side, and said: ‘As soon as we got the bad news from the vet, we returned home and made Percy as comfortable as possible.’

‘I took a photo of him and shared it on my Facebook page and a number of local groups, but I am disgusted to say that in a few hours he had only received 42 likes and 3 comments – as far as I could see I was the only person who shared him, unless other people did it with the wrong privacy settings.’

Patricia continued: ‘I had to tell my devastated daughter the horrible truth as she needs to learn the cruel reality of the world that we live in.’

‘She knows that a lack of exposure on Facebook was to blame for her beloved Percy’s death, and now hopefully she will grow up to be the sort of attention-seeking floozy that social media users will love.’

‘If a crude stick figure called Bill can get millions of likes, how can our gravely ill hamster do so badly on there?’

We contacted her vet for a comment, and Dr Jerome Bestiale of Thundersley Animal ER said: ‘We would like to offer our most sincere condolences to Mrs Pringle and her daughter at this incredibly sad time.’

‘When we met Percy, we instantly knew that there was nothing that veterinary science could do for him, and so naturally we suggested that a Facebook campaign would be his only chance of survival.’

‘Anyone who saw his tragic photo and then just scrolled past should be ashamed of themselves – they are just as much to blame for his death as the moron who left his cage door open.’