Police were called to the ASDA supermarket in Shoeburyness on FOUR separate occasions over the weekend after rioting and smaller civil disturbances broke out over the store’s decision to rearrange their chilled goods aisles. According to one witness to the violence, many shoppers were left wandering around before resorting to ‘utter aggression’ in a desperate attempt to locate the sausages.

Cheryl Bonaparte was shopping on Sunday afternoon when she was caught up in sporadic fighting in store. She said: ‘A young lady in front of me was screaming on her knees as she had apparently spent 20 minutes trying to find some Scotch Eggs. A member of staff was trying to help her to her feet, and she just just lashed out and hit her with a packet of black pudding. Another seven shoppers all pounced on this poor girl as they were also hopelessly lost – it didn’t take long for their anger to boil over.’

Ms Bonaparte added: ‘I can understand why everyone turned violent so quickly. You spend most of your adult learning the layout of food items in ASDA, and then all of a sudden someone changes it all around. Some people just don’t do change very well, and replacing pizza with bacon can make people start to question their very existence on this planet. Alternatively, they were just up for a Sunday afternoon brawl, I guess we’ll never know.’