Police in Southend have promised that they are doing ‘everything that they can’ to find a man who has allegedly been ‘flashing his genitals’ at people walking into the Tottenham Hotspur shop on the High Street in Southend. According to one victim, the man’s efforts are part of a protest over the number of Southend-based football supporters who are not following their local club. 

Elaine White told Southend News Network that she was approached by the overcoat-clad individual on Monday afternoon – she was visiting the club shop with her son Marcus to buy him the new home kit as a birthday present.

She said: ‘This was the most terrifying experience of my entire life. We were walking towards the front door of the Spurs shop, when suddenly a man walked up to us and exposed himself. I turned away from him and pulled my son back and he just laughed and said: ‘fine just turn your back on me like you have turned your back on Southend United.’

‘I told him that we followed both teams but he wouldn’t have any of it, and he just kept exposing himself and telling me to ‘stick this on a commemorative DVD’ – I have literally no idea what he was talking about.’

‘Five other people have contacted Southend News Network to say that they have been victims of this man’s protest. A 24-year-man was also allegedly told that his exposed genitals looked a bit like ‘a cross between Harry Kane and Nacer Chadli,’ and he promised to keep exposing himself until the store is replaced with a Southend United Megastore.’

An email was received at our Newsdesk earlier today with the sender claiming that he was the gentleman who has been exposing himself. We forwarded it on to the police.

It said: ‘It is a disgrace that South Essex fans are following Tottenham Hotspur when Southend United are crying out for supporters, and so I am taking a stand by exposing myself to as many Spurs shoppers as possible on the High Street.’

‘I have managed to evade arrest so far, and I want every offender to mentally associate the image of my crotch area with Tottenham Hotspur. Once the store is converted to a Southend United shop, I will stand down and cover up.’