Police have warned members of the public in South Essex to ‘remain vigilant’ after they confirmed that Pat Sharp’s mullet has escaped from a secure psychiatric facility near Southend On Sea. 

The 1990’s TV and radio presenter’s mullet has been an inmate at HMP Hockley Woods Unit since 1999, and officers at the facility raised the alarm at around 9.30pm this evening.

DCI Nigel Babyliss is in charge of the hunt, and he gave a brief press conference this evening.

He said: ‘Members of the public shouldn’t approach this mullet under any circumstances as it is clearly capable of doing a great amount of harm.’

‘It is dark blonde with low lights, and is around 4ft tall and 2ft wide. Anyone who spots it is asked to dial 999 immediately or stand at a safe distance with a can of Batiste.’

The mullet is a well-known inmate of the unit after it was sectioned due to a very public spat with its original owner.

According to sources close to the mullet, it never recovered from Mr Sharp’s decision to ‘grow up’ and retain a more sensible look for radio.

In a late development, an armed police repose team has been scrambled to a possible sighting of the mullet in Rayleigh.

According to witnesses, the hairdo is currently huddled in a blanket outside Costa Coffee on the High Street, mumbling ‘it’s a real crazy show where anything can go.’

As an additional precaution, Melanie and Martina have been provided with around the clock police protection.