A picture has gone viral that shows ten rules that a young guy has issued his girlfriend before he ‘allows’ her to go to university in Southend. 

18-year-old Rebekah Giles shared the parade of text messages on Twitter from her clearly protective/concerned boyfriend Josh, 29. It appears that he has heard all about Southend On Sea and the sort of place that it can be for students. 

Speaking to Southend News Network, Rebekah said: ‘He has been saying for months that we would be finished if I went with my first choice uni in Southend, but I was adamant that I wanted to study in South Essex.’

‘He has now decided that we can stay together while he goes on a work placement in Magaluf, but shortly after I got that text message he then sent me ten rules that I ‘need’ to follow.’

‘I actually think that it is kind of cute, and we are in a very secure relationship. Everyone’s telling me that I should ditch him, but it’s not like he’s making me wear a t-shirt to say that I am spoken for or something crazy.’

‘He really has nothing to worry about. I only really have a thing for tattooed muscular Eastern European guys anyway and I’m pretty certain that Southend doesn’t have a lot of them!’

We asked Josh if he thought that he might be going a little bit over the top about all of this, but he told our Chief Reporter that he was ‘100% justified.’

He added: ‘I’m not going to be able to step in and protect her from Essex men while I am working in a bar and club in Magaluf – this is why my rules are non-negotiable!’