Members of the public in Essex have been urged to show ‘compassion and understanding’ towards the first group of Kentish refugee children that arrived in the county this morning. 

Johanna Bluewater of UNICEF told Southend News Network’s Chief Reporter that this was just the latest stage of a ‘harrowing’ journey for the 15 chosen kids who make up the first wave of arrivals after restrictions at the Dartford Crossing were relaxed yesterday. 

She added: ‘With grammar school places in Kent virtually non-existant now, a new start in Essex is literally their last chance. They have been stuck in a transition centre in Gravesend for an unacceptable length of time, and we urge the people of South Essex to stop being so Ukippy for five minutes and welcome them with open arms.’

‘People don’t realise that this is the only safe way to get across the Thames. Every attempt to cross the water fails because the tide is always out on one of the two coasts. Also, the coastguard keeps missing them as they are too busy rescuing the morons from Southend who keep walking out to sea.’

However, Dave Thudge of the right-wing pressure group Essex First slammed the decision, even though the latest figures show that Essex has more grammar school places than any other area of the UK. 

He said: ‘Today’s desperate Kentish child could be tomorrow’s terrorist. How long will it be until we see Southend Pier go up in flames?’

‘We have enough problems of are own to deal with first before we start opening up Essex’s borders.’

‘Local primary schools are already at breaking point and this sort of lefty gesture will just make things worse. My seven-year-old son came home in tears last week because a migrant child from Canterbury pronounced the ‘t’ in ‘water.’ It’s not right.’

‘We have to protect the culture of Essex as well. If the flow of Kentish immigration is allowed to continue, we could all be drinking craft ales, maintaining immaculate gardens and reading books by Christmas.’