Residents of a row of houses worth ‘more than £1.5m’ in Thorpe Bay reportedly called the police on Saturday afternoon after a three-year-old child was spotted using a potty close to their homes.

Furious mum Michelle Garridge, 35, told Southend News Network that two officers approached her and her son Texaquo while he was using the potty as he is currently toilet training.

She said: ‘Tex is learning how to use the toilet at the moment, and we went for a walk to Thorpe Bay today as we like looking out towards the wreck of the SS Montgomery and wondering what would happen if it blew up.’

‘He started grabbing his crotch as we were walking past the green area in front of all those big houses, and so I sat him down quickly to avoid an accident – this is when a couple in their 60’s barged out of one of the houses and asked me ‘what the hell I was doing’ while furiously waving a rolled up copy of the Daily Mail.’

‘I tried explaining the situation to her and her husband, but they wouldn’t have it and went and called the police who arrived within a couple of minutes and told me that I should be a bit more considerate towards others when using the potty in public.’

‘It’s outrageous. He can go on their petunias next time for all I care.’

We approached the couple for a comment, and Jemima Fuch-Weet, 64, said that she was ‘sickened’ by what she witnessed.

She added: ‘When my husband retired from arms dealing and ebola futures trading in 2004, we decided to settle down in Thorpe Bay for the unobstructed sea views – at no time did we shell out more than a million to be confronted with the sight of a toddler having a wazz in the bloody street.’

‘Take it to the Kursaal for heavens sake.’