Residents of Bournemouth Park Road in Southend are said to be ‘concerned’ after the revelation that a CCTV parking enforcement vehicle was caught in the act of trying to watch a 32-year-old woman getting dressed this morning. Eyewitnesses said that the car ‘appeared to have a mind of its own’ when the driver parked up and walked into a local corner shop.

Natasha Glaze, a call centre worker who was getting ready for work at the time, spoke EXCLUSIVELY to a reporter from the Southend News Network about her ordeal. She said: ‘I was just taking off my dressing gown after having a shower, and I noticed that my curtains were open – as I was in a hurry I just carried on getting changed regardless. However, all of a sudden, I noticed what looked like the top of a periscope outside my first floor window, and when I rushed over I saw that the parking vehicle was parked on the street below.’

Pauline Gashforth, who lives opposite, described her amazement as she witnessed the car’s periscope raise up and move around after the driver had left the vehicle. She added: ‘The driver left the corner shop with a packet of Wotsits and a Walnut Whip, and he ran back to the car to stop the incident. He kept hitting the roof with a rolled-up Daily Mail – clearly this isn’t the first time that his car had tried to pull a stunt like this.’

To make matters worse for Ms Glaze, she received what appears to be an automated parking fine letter, and in the place of a vehicle photo was a simple caption with the words: ‘Phwoar get ‘em out.’

Investigations are ongoing into the incident, but we have since received unconfirmed reports of similar parking enforcement vehicles around the world becoming self-aware and developing voyeuristic sexual feelings towards humans.