After reports have emerged of further fan violence at Euro 2016 in France involving fans of the Russian football team, a spokesperson for UEFA has confirmed that Russia’s suspended disqualification has now been upgraded to a suspended disqualification and a strongly-worded letter to the head of their national federation, the RFS or something similar in that funny backwards lettering. According to the statement from UEFA spokesperson Jerome Robsonne, any further violence from Russian supporters could result in their team being thrown out of Euro 2016, or even the additional punishment of a further strongly-worded letter sent by recorded delivery.

Mr Robsonne said: ‘Russian supporters have already had their final never-to-be-extended ultimatum about this issue, and yet this aggressive and unacceptable behaviour has continued in Lille over the last few days. UEFA has already shown that it will not tolerate repeated criminal behaviour when we disqualified England a few days ago, and Russian fans need to be aware that we are moving closer and closer to applying the same heavy-handed approach to their team. If necessary, we are also prepared to wait until they have been eliminated before we hand down this final, non-negotiable, ‘look at our big balls on this issue’ sanction.’

He added: ‘I have been in touch with my colleagues at FIFA who are taking a very dim view towards the Russian fan problem with the next World Cup due to be held in their country. If need be, both federations are prepared to issue a joint strongly-worded letter, and more importantly we are more than willing to laminate it.’