Sometimes at Southend News Network we like to share examples of the ‘crazy’ out there when it comes to social media, and this post really ranks up there in the WTF stakes!

South Kiosk at Martello Beach is an ice cream kiosk with a seating area in Felixstowe, Suffolk – close enough to Essex for us to report. Today, whoever is in charge of their Facebook account must have decided that it was time to take a stand against children having ‘tantrums.’

In a very authoritarian tone, they have made it perfectly clear that parents will now have ‘five lenient minutes’ to discipline (it has a ‘c’ in it) their children, before they will ask the child themselves. You can almost smell the lawsuit can’t you?

Naturally the comments range from the outraged to the incredibly outraged, and one point keeps coming up again and again. What if a child has special needs that makes it impractical to ‘disipline’ them?

Perhaps they should hand out special signs or t-shirts before they sit down with their 99 and can of pop. ‘Please disregard, my child is autistic’ should do the trick.

As if the post wasn’t already aggressive enough, it then finishes with a few lines of seaside kiosk speak that basically translates to ‘if you don’t like it, go f**k yourself.’

They make it clear that they don’t mind losing the business. Knowing what tribal Facebook parents are like, that’s pretty much a nailed-on certainty!

UPDATE: The Facebook page owner has removed the original post. However, it would appear that a million people took a screengrab already, ourselves included …

Photo and link: South Kiosk at Martello Beach Facebook Page