After a lengthy investigation, Southend News Network can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that the Department of Transport has plans in place to expand the runway at Southend Airport in order to provide extra air travel capacity in the South East. The development has come after Prime Minister Theresa May admitted that she is ‘seriously concerned’ about a voter backlash over the proposed third runway at Heathrow. 

Our source said: ‘The whole project has been codenamed ‘Operation Boleyn,’ and it is now on the verge of becoming a public document as it enters the consultation stage.’

‘Under the proposals, the runway at London Southend Airport will be extended by 600m to ensure that it can handle aircraft right up to the A380 – naturally the extension, safe air space and the required terminal and ground handling facilities will result in a small number of local properties being compulsory purchased.’

‘We estimate that this will only include 10,000 homes in Rochford and Ashingdon, but these proposals are being worked into a combined strategy for dealing with anti-social behaviour in the area that includes irresponsible moped riding and petty vandalism.’

‘Thousands of new homes are already being built on Hall Road to deal with the relocation of families who will be affected – we are now in a position to make this information public.’

‘Under the plans for airport expansion, it is clear that the Greater Anglia railway line will be a key transportation route for the proposed Terminals 1,2,3 and 4.’

‘An act of parliament is being prepared that will effectively make it illegal for this line to be closed for engineering work at any time as it is the Department of Transport’s view that the line has been engineered enough already. Enough trains use it every day for us to believe that further engineering work is superfluous.’

We spoke to a number of local residents who have admitted that they are ‘relieved’ that there is actually a valid reason for both the massive plan of house building in Rochford and the resulting ‘traffic chaos.’

Mother of three Patricia Doggett said: ‘I have been getting incredibly upset about the increased journey times, temporary traffic lights and general inconvenience because of the house building. However, now that I know about the thousands of jobs that will be created by extending the runway, I am delighted.’