It has emerged this evening that a self-employed Facebook user is doing incredibly well with fantastic prospects for the future, according to her own news feed and updates.

Jessica Ponzi, from Eastwood, has been posting a mixture of news updates, check-ins and inspirational memes for over three years to say that every new day is even better than the one before – she has also mentioned the growing income that she is receiving after getting a number of her Facebook contacts to join whatever godforsaken scheme she is a part of this week. With her continued success, she has also had the opportunity to go on a cruise and drive a Porsche for 24 hours.

We contacted Ms Ponzi to ask for more details about her business, and she said, ‘I strongly object to the term ‘pyramid’ being used to describe my legitimate business. A ‘pyramid’ scheme involves a single person at the top making the most money in the company, with people on each level below them earning a progressively smaller size of the profits until you get to the entry-level mugs at the bottom. My business is ‘multi-level marketing’ – it is an entirely different setup with people on each tier earning an amount that is relative to their position in the triangular-based layout with the narrowest part at the summit.’

Anyone who is interested in finding out more about Ms Ponzi’s opportunity can contact her via her Facebook page ‘Tier-Relevant Multi-Level Income Power Package’ – there is an initial Consultation and Business Setup fee of £499 (payable weekly).