A leading expert in false flag attacks and modern extremism has claimed that today’s shocking Isle of Grain chimney explosion was an INSIDE JOB. He added that the government of Kent now has a ‘green light’ to launch rocket attacks on Essex. 

According to Dr Hank Darjeeling, a politics lecturer and activist at the University of East Grays, believes that he has ‘irrefutable evidence’ to prove that today’s attack was carefully planned to create panic and fear among people in the local area at a time when tensions between Essex and Kent have never been higher. 

He said: ‘As soon as the chimney started to fall, I could tell that something wasn’t quite right – some of the news feeds were reporting the attack minutes or even hours before it actually happened!’

‘The explosion originated from the middle of the chimney and then the whole structure just fell down in what appeared to be a carefully orchestrated manner. There wasn’t a single reported casualty either – the whole thing stinks to high heaven and I am going to make sure that the whole world knows it.’

We asked Dr Darjeeling how he was going to get his message across, and he was adamant that his information campaign was already gathering momentum. 

He added: ‘I have set up the ‘7/9 – THE TRUTH’ website with a number of images and videos to prove that it was an inside job. The Kentish government is going to use this false flag attack to justify a campaign of terror against Essex and any other oil-rich county of the UK until somebody has the guts to reveal the truth.’

In a late development, satellite images have shown a massive mobilisation of military vehicles onto the Island of Sheppey, and local sources have confirmed that Tony Blair has been appointed to the role of Special War Advisor to the Kent Cabinet. 

Mr Blair released a brief statement, and he said: ‘Today’s terrible chimney attack shows that Essex extremists will go to extraordinary measures to attack the Kentish way of life and the liberty of its citizens.’

‘We have received a video from the known Essex terrorist organisation Al-thorne and a masked spokesperson claims full responsibility – this will not be broadcast for security reasons while it is analysed at our Counter Terrorism Unit in Margate.’

‘This attack is the tip of the iceberg. Who knows what else they are concealing over the other side of the Thames?’