A 41-year-old woman from Southend has been describing her anger after she contacted the local estate agency Krupt and Co. and asked for someone to go and value her 3-bed home in Victoria Road, Southend – the employee who visited her allegedly offered to reduce the sale fee from 3% to 1% if she would SLEEP WITH HIM. According to other would-be sellers in the area, this isn’t the first time that ‘respected and experienced’ agent Jeremy Leer has offered this ‘special deal,’ and he was suspended from all duties earlier today. 

Stacey Stamp, who lives alone with her two children Ian and Keith, said: ‘As soon as he walked through the front door, he complemented my choice of decor, said that I looked ‘great’ for a busy mum and then started smelling my hair – I thought that this was just normal sales talk as I am aware of the sort of stuff that estate agents get up to. However, when I told him that 3% was going to be a bit steep, he said that there is always ‘wriggle room to 1%’ and gave me a wink. When I asked him to explain more, he told me to accompany him upstairs so that he could lay it all out and remarked that he had never been with a ‘cougar’ before. I pushed him out of my first-floor window and he crawled out of the bush and drove off.’

Krupt and Co. Managing Director Gareth Zump contacted our Chief Reporter to let us know that he has been suspended after we gave the firm 4-hours warning before publishing this story. He added: ‘Mr Leer’s behaviour has fallen below our expected level of estate agent conduct on this occasion, and we have had no choice but to temporarily suspend him until Mrs Stamp can provide us with video evidence and four positive witness statements. Mr Leer has a fantastic success rate with our agency, but as with any business the elements of ethics and decency must always come first. Our level of staff turnover is still only 75% per week and that is one of the lowest in the industry.’