A mother of three from Southend has ‘declared war’ on other cake makers in South Essex by launching her own business from home, and she intends to take on the best in the business at bargain prices.

Joanna Carve is only 24 years old, and she has already found the time to launch a string of Facebook-based businesses selling cosmetics, juice tablets and diet supplements – she is now about to undertake her biggest challenge yet!

Joanna said: ‘I have no idea how I am going to find the time to fit all of this in around my kids and hubby as well, but I am determined to make my cake making business a complete success.’

‘I have already downloaded loads of images from Pinterest, and the ultimate motivation came last week when another local lady quoted me £20 for an Iggle Piggle Cake complete with his red blanket – it looked amazing but in my opinion the price was way too high.’

‘I won’t be charging anywhere near that when I launch, so all of you other cake experts out there had better watch out!’

We asked Joanna how she is going to keep her prices so low. She said: ‘The best thing about operating from home and selling only on local Facebook buy and sell groups is that you don’t need any certificates, licences, qualifications or special equipment.’

‘I already have a kitchen at home that I use for everyday family life, and I also have a fridge if anyone asks me to make cakes using fresh cream. Facebook is the ideal place to do business as any difficult customers who become abusive can just be blocked so you don’t have to talk to them anymore.’

Her husband Dave added: ‘I have been telling Jo about the power of Facebook for ages. My electrical installations venture is doing really well because I don’t have the hassle of getting qualifications and licences when doing business through social media, and I can also offer my plastering, clairvoyance and paving services at the same time without any hassle.’

Jo’s Professional Cake Company launches next week on Facebook.