Chloe Hackett-Smith, A 24-year-old mother from Southend, has told Southend News Network that she has been left ‘shaken’ after being arrested by police officers who were concerned for the welfare of her 3-day-old baby girl.

Officers turned up at her flat just off Woodgrange Drive with legal documents, and the official reason given was that ‘the mother has given the infant a name that is considered to be highly inappropriate.’

After further investigation it was discovered that the baby had accidentally been named ‘Heroin.’

Ms Hackett-Smith explained the situation to our Chief Reporter.

She said: ‘I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter books and movies, and Hermione Granger is an amazing example of a strong and independent young woman – in my opinion there could be no better role model for my baby daughter to aspire to.

Unfortunately I have never really been that good at spelling, and those documents at the registry office are really confusing.’

As part of our efforts to help her sort all of this out, we tracked down the official at the registry office who handled the legal formalities, and she is adamant that she carried out her duties to the full extent of her obligations.

We are not allowed to name her for legal reasons, but she said: ‘I honestly couldn’t see anything wrong with her chosen name at the time.

If someone arrived with a baby boy and wanted to call him ‘Hero,’ this wouldn’t raise any alarms whatsoever.

If I had raised concern over Ms Hackett-Smith’s choice of name, this would have been sexism and I would have been hauled before the nearest court on a charge of discrimination.’

The case continues. Ms Hackett-Smith has been released on bail awaiting a date in court.