A 23-year-old mum from Southend has declared herself to be Britain’s greatest money saver in response to the recent media stories about extreme couponing and general thriftyness.
She has now set up her own blog, Five Finger Discounting, and she is set to take her workshop on tour around the UK.

Maddie Dashton started on the long journey to becoming Britain’s greatest money saver in 2013 after reading the ‘Top Thrifty Tips’ in Take A Break magazine.

She said: ‘All of these little whingebags were banging on about hanging their tea bags out on the washing line, and I just thought that it would be easier to just nick a box of PG Tips from Tesco.’

‘Since then, I have managed to shoplift everything I need to keep our family well-fed, and every now and then I’ll hold up a food bank or something like that.’

She has some very strong words for Jordan Cox – the student who recently hit the headlines after saving money by travelling from Sheffield to Essex by plane via Berlin.

‘What sort of idiot travels halfway across Europe to save a few quid.

‘I would have just got on a train and hidden in the bogs until Euston.’

‘A quick ride in a black cab to Liverpool St before doing a runner and I would be back in Shenfield before you know it.’

‘I’ve been test driving an S-Max from Essex Ford for over three weeks now anyway so I would probably just drive.’

We asked her if she would ever consider going straight and just cutting vouchers out of newspapers and magazines, but she wasn’t prepared to consider it.

‘Extreme couponing is just dumb when you can stuff a box of Maltesers in your Kappa bag or stick everything under a Burka – nobody questions you in one of those as it would be well racist.’