A 24-year-old mum of two from Southend has been telling Southend News Network all about how she has managed to lose a whopping EIGHT STONE in just three months – she is now hoping to translate this success into a whole new career helping others who are struggling with their weight. When Karen Adiposu started her weight loss journey in the middle of January, she had no idea that the results would be so dramatic, and according to her coach and mentor it is all down to a unique combination of specialist wraps, a top-secret herbal formula and dropping 10,000 calories from her daily intake. 

Ms Adiposu said: ‘I was really desperate to do something about my weight just after Christmas, and I saw an advert from a lady on Facebook about the ThermoAtomic Weight Loss System. I picked up a three-month supply of the wraps and the herbal and natural tablets for £499.99 and I am delighted that I took a chance – within just a few days I noticed that the weight just started dropping off. The wraps are a combination of secret ingredients, cling film and Savlon, and as soon as I wrapped it very tightly around my stomach I noticed instantly that my tummy looked a little bit smaller and flatter. The tablets also just made me want to stop eating with a mixture of nauseata and other natural herbal compounds, and my friends can’t believe how great I look now.’

Excitedly, she added: ‘As someone who has managed to lose more than 30% of their body weight, I am now entitled to purhase my own ThermoAtomic franchise and give something back to other people who are struggling to keep the pounds off. Running a business isn’t a problem for me with all of the energy I now have from these natural and herbal products – last night I was awake until 6am because I was buzzing so much while doing the housework, completing my tax return and arguing with the crockery in the kitchen.’

Ms Adiposu can be contacted on various local Facebook buying and selling groups, and as you will see from her ‘before and after’ photo her transformation has been incredible.