A concerned mother of three children from Southend On Sea has issued a strong warning to other parents about paedophiles using the new Pokemon Go smartphone app to catch children. 

Daisy Bush noticed that her eldest daughter Rose had spent a ‘worrying’ amount of time on her phone in the last few days, and admitted that she was shocked when she found out what Rose had been doing on there. 

She said: ‘Rose told me that this Pokemon Go app had been directing her to walk all over town and catch these little Japanese cartoon characters – this made my blood run cold.’

‘It would be so easy for a paedophile to get close to a character and then hide behind a tree or something until a small child comes along. Why are the police not confiscating handsets from known offenders?’

‘I have a friend who knows someone who works with someone whose sister is friends with someone who works for Nintendo, and she said that paedophiles can hack the game and do something to attract little children to popular hotspots by spending XP points.’

‘My youngest daughter is only 4, and she keeps asking me to put the game on her iPhone but I’m not sure. Are Nintendo really doing enough to stop these people using the game?’

Southend News Network spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Clive ‘The Anorak’ Parker – one of South Essex’s most prolific sex offenders. He admitted that the whole Pokemon Go experience has been ‘underwhelming’ so far. 

He said: ‘Pokemon Go has been very successful at getting unaccompanied young children out onto the streets, as long as you class ‘unaccompanied young children’ as anyone up to the age of 55.’

‘Most of the parents complaining about Pokemon Paedophiles on Facebook have photos of their kids as their profile pictures anyway.’

A spokesperson for the Essex Child Digital Safety Division confirmed that Pokemon Go is being treated in the same ‘threat’ category as Haribo and Severus Snape.