In the same week that Google has been creating a real stink about fake news websites and their advertising products, it seems that somebody has forgotten to tell the little robot somewhere who controls search results and rankings!

As it stands, we are delighted to confirm that a search on Google for ‘Southend News’ brings up SOUTHEND NEWS NETWORK first of all (a now well-known FAKE news website), and directly underneath is another website that is well-known for ACTUAL news – let’s refer to them as ‘Website B’ for the sake of argument.


As you will all notice in the image above, we are pretty shit when it comes to search engine optimisation and all that other techy techy stuff – this makes this development even funnier. Our stories are even being indexed in Google News …

We can just picture the scene now. Someone who isn’t familiar with the town needs to find out more about Southend, pops ‘Southend News’ into Google and then goes to the first site that they find (expected Googling behaviour).

Three minutes later, they decide to pull out of that all-important house purchase because they are worried about the swinging club that meets at a local branch of Waitrose, not to mention the fact that our local rock is laced with the finest Colombian marching powder that money can buy.

A lot of Google’s decision making would have been affected by the fact that we were mentioned in a couple of very popular BBC News articles recently. Just as we were finding out about the Google ranking breakthrough, we also noticed that one of these BBC articles had reached the top of the ‘Most Read’ list on the Beeb!


When Southend News Network was first started as a bit of a piss-take in October 2015, we never thought that it would come to this. However, if Facebook and Google do decide to ‘cut off our balls,’ at least we have the pop career to fall back on!