Southend News Network is back online again after the entire site was taken down for around six hours earlier on Monday. It has since emerged that the site was attacked and an investigation has now begun into how it could have happened. 

At the present time, the only information available is that the hacking attack corrupted key files that are vital for the running of the site. Fortunately these are backed up on a regular basis and it was possible to get everything back online. 

The IP address (the unique number that identifies an Internet connection) has been recorded and passed on to the police – this is the only information that is available about the perpetrators of the attack. 

From some preliminary checks, it has emerged that the attacking connection originates somewhere in the Basildon area. Furthermore, we now know that it was from a commercial broadband connection. 

Southend News Network takes security incredibly seriously, and anyone with any information about the attackers can contact [email protected] in confidence.

We could just make a list of everyone that we have pissed off at some point, but modern technology should make it possible to pinpoint exactly who was involved. 

However, the fact that someone got THAT pissed off means that we have achieved something at least 🙂