If you are going to be attending the Southend Seafront fireworks display tonight, please remember that taking photos of the fireworks is not permitted for copyright, child safeguarding and Health & Safety reasons.

A spokesperson for Southend Borough Council confirmed that people taking photographs of tonight’s event may accidentally take photos of children who are watching the display without their parents’ permission.

She added: ‘Unauthorised photos of children pose a serious safeguarding risk, and this sort of behaviour could threaten our coveted Purple Flag Status, whatever that is.’

‘Also, the entire display will be filmed this evening for the upcoming DVD History of Thames Estuary Fireworks Vol. 7, and so any photographs and videos of the display itself could be in breach of copyright laws.’

‘However, the DVD will be available to purchase in time for Christmas at just £19.99 from all good video stores and iTunes.’

Also, local pyrotechnical photography safety campaigners have asked Southend News Network to remind everyone attending this evening that it can be incredibly dangerous to take photographs of fireworks without the correct safety equipment.

Pamela Meddle, Chief Executive of the South Essex Safer Photos Alliance, contacted us with a very important message for anyone who is tempted to try and get a few shots of the fireworks spectacular.

She said: ‘In 2014 alone, 57 Southend residents were injured while taking fireworks photographs on their smartphones and falling into rubbish bins – 13 of them seriously.’

‘I would advise everyone attending this evening to stand back and enjoy the show, and they will be able to buy the DVD and relive the magic from the comfort of their own sofa.’