Police in Southend have confirmed that the town centre is currently on LOCKDOWN after a ‘mental’ dog broke free from his lead and started scaring small children. 

Armed cops are currently moving from store to store to try and locate Tyson the Pitbull Terrier.

It is believed that he detached himself from his lead while his owners were having a ‘heated argument’ over who was supposed to be having the kids on New Year’s Eve while the other did weed and got smashed or something.  

A witness said: ‘They were both wearing track suits, and the argument quickly descended into a screaming match.’

‘Some of the language was awful. I’ve never heard ‘c**t’ used inside an adjective before.’

‘They started pushing and shoving each other, and the tracksuit friction started a small fire that burnt through the dog’s lead.’

‘The argument had obviously upset him, and he just ran ran off and started growling at people maliciously.’

Southend Centre Community Patroller PC Percy Peacie said: ‘We are advising members of the public within Southend Town Centre to take cover as soon as possible and stay put until Tyson has been located.’

‘Although the wendy house in Early Learning Centre is now full up, there is still ample shelter under the goth benches by Greggs.’