A woman from Southend has revealed on Facebook that she is feeling ‘down’ while also saying that she is unable to say why on Facebook – the post has sparked a huge outpouring of concern from her friends and family. 

At 12.15pm on Saturday, Chloe Narcisto posted ‘I am feeling very down right now,’ and this prompted 15 replies from people asking her ‘what’s wrong hun?’ 

A few moments later, Chloe SENSATONALLY revealed that she is not in a position to be able to give any further details. 

In another shocking development, her many Facebook contacts seemed to be unable to read her earlier post, and they continued to ask her ‘what’s wrong hun?’

Chloe’s friend Madeleine Filling told our Chief Reporter that she was ‘incredibly concerned’ about her, and that she may even be forced to Whatsapp her in private to get to the bottom of whatever has made her feel down. 

Southend Psychoherapist Joanna Moon-Endor said that more and more of her patients are now adopting the same attitude in therapy sessions. 

She added: ‘I have had four patients this week who have walked into my office and just said that they are feeling ‘grrrrrr’ without wanting to go into any further detail. It’s probably for the best though, as God only knows how their brains might implode if they actually gave any insight into why they might be feeling less than fantastic.’

In a late development, Southend News Network can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that Chloe was incredibly upset after losing her phone and asking for all of her Facebook friends to text their numbers to her. 

It has emerged that only 85% of her original contacts list got in touch with her, and that the sense of rejection made her incapable of stringing together a coherent social media post.