Facebook has announced today that a new tool is being rolled out so that readers have a fast and convenient way to flag fake news stories.

Once again there seems to be no distinction between fake news for entertainment purposes (us) and fake news for deliberate and dangerous deception purposes (those nasty pages who got Donald Trump elected, apparently).

Well then, seeing as that will probably result in our eventual demise, we thought that we might as well go out in a real blaze of glory.

Therefore, we are proud to present our campaign to get the Daily Mail reclassified as a fake news website!

Our argument is a simple one. We feel that the Daily Mail reports stories in a manner that often swerves into the realms of fake news.

Reporting Jeremy Corbyn doing a jig by the Cenotaph, making the campaigner Gina Miller appear darker than she really is in photographs, and just generally trying making us all want to throw the nearest Muslim from a fourth-floor window all count as fake news in our eyes.

If enough people sign this petition, there is just the slightest glimmer of hope that there Facebook classification could be altered to ‘Humour’ or something along those lines. We know that it is a tall order in reality as they have the most-visited news site in the world, but to be brutally honest if we are going down then we might as well try and create one hell of a sh*tstorm at the same time.

Facebook may even decide to introduce a whole new collection of category titles for fake news websites in the future, and it would be great if the Daily Mail were first in line for one of these!

Take a look at the petition here and share it around. At the very least it will all be a bit of a giggle … Also, don’t forget that we are having a crack at the Christmas Number One with a protest song all about the hell of the Dartford Crossing with all proceeds going to Shelter and the British Heart Foundation.