If you have lived in Southend for more than two minutes, you have probably already realised that this is the car modification capital of the universe. 

Until the ‘powers that be’ decided to step in and tell them all that they were very naughty boys and girls, Friday and Saturday nights on Southend Seafront were the thing of legends – imagine The Fast and The Furious but with doughnuts and chips. 

Anyway, this guy may cause a bit of a stir if he came a-cruising down on the South Essex coast from his Norfolk home. He has taken the humble Nissan Micra and turned it into something VERY special – a fully-featured pickup truck.

His creation came to light in a recent eBay listing, and he even claims that it turns the heads of Lamborghini owners due to its uniqueness. We can see why!
It’s had a load of work done to it (I won’t even pretend that I understand half of it all), and wouldn’t it be great to see it crawling carefully at 20 mph between The Kursaal and The Pier before stopping outside the Gentings Casino for other modding enthusiasts to admire / take this piss (this is Southend after all). 

On the other hand, if you already have a Micra and you have been driven to utter boredom by it, you know what to do ….