Marks and Spencer has recently started selling cauliflower steaks for just £2 each, and these vegan-friendly delicacies are a culinary sensation – however an enterprising Rayleigh fruit and veg company has come up with a genius life hack to save a small fortune if you are feeding them to your whole family.

For just £1.55, Rayleigh Fruit and Veg are selling whole cauliflowers, and customers can simply cut them up into steaks themselves.

They are every bit as good as the pre-packed version that is being sold in Marks and Spencer, although you will need to come up with your own ‘drizzle’ (HINT: olive oil).

The best is that these homemade cauliflower steaks are suitable for all tastes, whether you like them rare, medium, well done or fluffy.

You can check out their original post and place an order here.

These DIY cauliflower steak kits are likely to sell out fast, so it is advisable to act quickly.