Within the United Kingdom, this story has been blocked due to an injunction that has been taken out at the High Court by the person who is featured as the subject of the article. Shortly after 8am this morning, Southend News Network was approached by a King Charles Spaniel who claimed that he had been ‘sexually propositioned’ by a well-known celebrity who is based in Southend. We approached this individual and his/her lawyers to inform them that we intended to run the story that allegedly took place to the rear of KFC on Southend High Street – from this point forward we are only allowed to refer to him/her as XXX. 

At 4.45pm today, our Chief Reporter received an official notification from XXX’s legal team and the High Court regarding an injunction that has been taken out which now prevents us from running this story. Furthermore, we are not allowed to release any details of the King Charles Spaniel, and for the purposes of reporting he must now be referred to using a changed name of ‘Floppy.’ Other media outlets in the USA and Australia are now running this story as they fall outside of the injunction’s area of influence, but within the United Kingdom both individuals must not be named in the press or on social media. 

We have lodged an appeal with the High Court to challenge the injunction as we feel that it is in the public interest to name this respected famous person who decided to take things ‘one step too far’ with one of our pedigree chums. We believe that the truth will come out anyway, and we are against the notion of being able to throw huge amounts of money at lawyers to keep human/canine indiscretions under wraps. If we are able to get the injunction lifted, we will run the intended story at the earliest opportunity.