Sometimes we like to recycle old content just for fun and traffic, and earlier on Sunday evening we reposted the story of the man called Derek who was OUTRAGED about a ‘racist’ sign that had appeared at his local hospital.

Have a look at the story here if you want to get up to speed with the latest err … news.

Apparently, the fact that it says ‘smoke free’ is basically implying that black people are not allowed in the hospital. We know, right?

Anyway, news of this disgrace must have reached the screen of Tommy Robinson – a media personality who is currently enjoying a resurgence with The Rebel Media which is also linked to his work with Pegida UK.

He tweeted to express his outrage about poor old Derek, and he swiftly deleted the tweet – we assume that he realised that he had fallen for a fake news story.

Fortunately, one of our loyal Twitter followers managed to grab a screenshot. Here it is.

This isn’t the first time that he has showed us some love. He did something similar with the Southend Beach Bikini Ban incident a while back.

We don’t want to say anything nasty about the guy because he is obviously passionate about what he does and for better or worse he isn’t afraid to put his message out there.

Having said that, there’s no shame in sharing an SNN story. The S*n did the very same thing a little while ago after the vegan baby incident.

Have we ever mentioned that Katie Hopkins was suckered in as well once upon a time?