After the introduction of the so-called ‘Bedroom Tax,’ a measure that was brought in to save millions from the annual welfare bill, a Southend News Network investigation has found that there are a number of senior Tory ministers who are considering applying the same measures to homes with ‘more toilets than the occupants really need.’

Under the proposals that are due to be discussed in parliament, a house with up to five people over the age of two will only require a single toilet, and for every WC over this amount the claimants of Housing Benefit will have their payments cut by 10% – a reduction which will be officially referred to as the ‘Excess Lavatory Subsidy.’

We spoke to Lew Brush, a council tenant in Hadleigh, Essex, and he admitted that the planned penalty could affect him very seriously. He said: ‘Not only will we have to downsize and find another place for me, my wife and our three children, but I will probably have to stop cooking things like curries and beans on toast – these meals usually increase our demand for the bathroom considerably.’

However, a local source in Southend On Sea contacted Southend News Network to try and ease the fears of those who will be affected the most. They said: ‘Even if these proposals come into law, residents in Southend have to remember that they have access to some of the most modern and clean public toilets in the world, and many of these are even open during the evening. If there is a queue for the toilet in your home, why not organise a family walk to the nearest public convenience? This will also be a great way of keeping your children active.’