More than 200 million DVD copies of Toy Story have been recalled after a child spotted a hidden image depicting ORAL SEX. 

The discovery was made by 4-year-old Jemima Flowze who lives with her parents in Fairfax Drive, Southend – her outraged parents are demanding compensation from the film’s makers for the distress that has been caused. 

Disgusted mum Patsy said: ‘Jemima has watched that film more than 100 times, and yesterday she ran into the kitchen screaming saying ‘the dark bit looks like that time I walked into your bedroom and daddy started screaming at me.’

‘I was very confused at this point, but I walked into the living room where she had paused the film and I noticed that the the shadow on the screen was shaped like two people engaging in oral sex. I have never felt so angry in my entire life!’

‘This movie is aimed at children, and it frightens me how many of them would have seen this sexually explicit shadow without realising it. In later life, the image could reappear subconsciously or something like that.’

‘I honestly don’t know how Pixar or Disney could have let this one slip through the net. I am talking to a lawyer to ensure that our complaints are heard and we are compensated accordingly.’

This isn’t the first time that Mrs Flowze has been in the news for launching legal proceedings against Disney. In 2013, she accused the US giant of causing ‘irreversible mental anguish’ over the scene in The Lion King when Scar lets go of Mufasa. 

A spokesperson for Disney was unwilling to spoke about the complaint that has been received.