A FURIOUS ROW has erupted amongst parents and teachers at a Southend school this evening after a 7-year-old child was sent home within minutes of arriving at school in an ‘inappropriate’ outfit to celebrate World Book Day. According to stunned onlookers at the gates of Clifftown Lane Primary School in Central Southend, little Alfie Muglins turned up wearing an untied full-body brown satin robe that opened at the front to reveal a pair of Y-fronts, and panic-stricken staff immediately threw a blanket over him and called his mother back to take Alfie home.

We have seen an email that was sent to all parents last week, and it explained that children were allowed to attend school in fancy dress to celebrate World Book Day. Alfie’s mother Patricia spoke to Southend News Network tonight, and she said: ‘I couldn’t believe what I was hearing when I was summoned back to the school gates to take Alfie home – the email said that children could dress as any suitable character from a work of literature, and literature doesn’t really get any more well-known than the Kama Sutra. It has sold millions of copies all over the world, and if I am being honest you see stronger stuff on Hollyoaks these days.’

She continued: ‘You can go into any girls’ clothing retailer these days and get t-shirts emblazoned with phrases like ‘Cutie Beast’ and ‘Hot Chick’ on them in the smallest of sizes, so I really can’t see why Alfie’s outfit was deemed to be inappropriate.’

We asked the school for a comment, and headteacher of Clifftown Lane Dr Gloria Stits said: ‘As soon as Alfie arrived at school today, we were immediately concerned that his outfit would be inappropriate for Health and Safety reasons. It can get very cold and chilly at playtime and lunchtime, and even with the silk robe tied up Alfie would have been very cold. Also, the mask was a clear choking hazard.’