People all over the world have been describing their shock today after waking up and finding out that 2016 has just been one long bad dream. 

According to one resident of the United Kingdom, the shock twist to human existence has been so unpredictable that ‘not even a cheesy US soap opera could have come up with something so unbelievable.’

Roberta Ewing added: ‘I thought that somebody somewhere must have been taking the piss. I mean Brexit, Trump, Sir Terry Wogan, David Bowie and Prince in the same year? Come on!’

‘To be honest, I actually twigged when Jon Snow came back to life after being stabbed like a thousand times. Like we’re all going to buy that!’

We caught up with the Grim Reaper at his headquarters in Milton Keynes, and he told our Chief Reporter that in reality he would never have been able to deal with so many celebrity deaths in one year. 

He said: ‘Of course it was all a dream! When you see how much paperwork is involved for each famous fatality it would have all become clear.’

‘It’s not just a case of carting off their immortal soul and giving a few throwaway remarks to the Daily Mail – this stuff can take months.’

In a late development, it has emerged that there are still a significant amount of people in Essex who remain asleep. 

According to resident of Basildon, he could hear a neighbour snoring while mumbling something about keeping access to the single market and free movement across Europe for all Brits while simultaneously telling Poles to collectively bugger off.