With Chief Reporter Jr being just over two years of age, the CBeebies channel is pretty much mandatory viewing from 6am to 7pm, seven days a week. Unfortunately, by default I am now developing an immense knowledge of Mr Tumble (CRB check, ahem), Rastamouse, The Twirlywoos (my favourite), In The Night Garden, and the cheerful and educational Show Me Show Me – however an episode that was broadcast today had me wearing out the rewind function on my Sky HD box.

During one of their many songs, I could have sworn that I heard the C-WORD. Yes you read that correctly, the C-WORD – I’m not talking about chocolate or Christmas either.

In this golden age of the Internet, I decided that it should be up to the Great British Public to make their own minds up. Forget about the shaky and dodgy versions of this clip that seem to be floating around the Internet – check out Southend News Network’s glorious screen capture that hopefully won’t get us on the wrong side of Aunty Beeb.


‘Fluttering Kite’ or ‘Fluttering C*nt’? You decide. I must have played it back a thousand times already and I swear it keeps changing.

DISCLAIMER: The BBC have stated that this categorically DID NOT HAPPEN. Therefore, we are of the same opinion – that’s why we decided on a question headline …