Space Expert Reveals Button Moon Landings Were ‘Faked’


A leading expert in space exploration has accused ITV of faking the famous Button Moon landings of the 1980’s, and he claims to have ‘shocking evidence’ to prove these claims.

Professor Jeremy Spike of the University of East Essex contacted our Chief Reporter a few days ago about these allegations, and we agreed to meet him in a secret location because of recent death threats that he has received over the claims.

He said: ‘I have analysed footage of every single Button Moon landing that took place between 1980 and 1988, and I have noticed a number of irregularities that are really worrying.’

‘I am sorry to say that members of the public have been tricked into believing that we successfully sent a team of astronauts to Button Moon without any specialist equipment, and this could be one of the largest cover-ups in the history of the British government.’

We asked Professor Spike to explain his findings. He added: ‘If you look very carefully at the footage, you can see the outlines of black gloves moving around on a black background.’

‘When the footage was first broadcast, most people were watching on a six-inch screen with three channels and it all looked really convincing.’

‘With the benefit of modern high-definition screens and digital re-mastering, it is clear that the footage has been manipulated.’

‘I am aware that the Thatcher Conservative government was keen to boost national pride with feats of scientific achievement, but somehow nobody noticed a talking bottle of Domestos either.’

‘Some of the guys in the lab have been performing forensic evidence on a replica of the original rocket that was used for most of the missions, and we have significant data to show that it was in fact an empty Heinz Baked Beans tin and a funnel.’

‘We also have proof to back up my claim that spoons are not capable of basic independent thought, let alone taking full control of a manned spacecraft without any presence of a ground control unit.’