MUM’S OUTRAGE after toddler is BANNED from vegan child’s birthday party for wearing cow onesie


A young mum from Southend has been describing her outrage after her 8-month-old daughter was banned from attending a vegan child’s birthday party as she was wearing a COW ONESIE. 

Mille Hyde told our Chief Reporter that she arrived at the birthday bash with her daughter Tanya wearing an adorable cow onesie, not realising that birthday boy Eddie Soy-Abbinton is being raised as vegan by his mum Esmeralda.

She said: ‘As soon as I arrived at Funky House Soft Play in Ashingdon, I started getting filthy looks from a lot of the mums there. I only realised afterwards that they were all vegan as well.’

The adorable onesie that got little Tanya kicked out of the party

‘I didn’t even get my own coat off before Esmeralda came over and asked me to leave – she was really upset and told me that I was just plain rude to dress my child that way.’

‘It made me so angry when she said that I was mocking her beliefs and I just walked out with Tanya.’

‘A few hours later, she text me and said that my child was no longer allowed to play with her child at the local playgroup where we met. She’s off her rocker.’

The angry message that Esmeralda sent after the party

We contacted Mrs Soy-Abbinton, and she told us that she ‘stands by’ her decision.

She added: ‘There’s no way that she could plead ignorance and say that she didn’t know that I am a vegan and that I am raising my child to follow these beliefs.’

‘I make it my business to let everyone in my circle of friends know on a regular basis, and my Facebook cover image is a large meme saying ‘Hardcore Mega-Vegans Do It All Night Long.’

‘I’m sorry to say that she is plain ignorant and I can’t have her daughter anywhere near my Eddie anymore.’

‘You wouldn’t take your child to a Muslim birthday party dressed as a side of gammon after all.’

‘That cow onesie gives out the impression that it is OK for humans to skin a real cow alive and wear the skin for their own entertainment.’

‘I still feel sick now just thinking about it and I am considering my options. My lawyer has already told me that it could constitute a hate crime.’