Surgeon Stops Heart Surgery To Ask Facebook Mums Group For Advice About Blocked Artery


A surgeon at Foulness Island Hospital has temporarily stopped a major heart operation to ask a local Facebook Mums group for advice about a potential blocked artery. 

Melanie Carotid-Cardia is one the UK’s leading cardiothoracic specialists, but she admitted that he was ‘concerned’ about the patient and took a photo to check whether or not there was a blockage that required a stent.

She posted the image on Southend Mums and Mumming, and said: ‘What do you mummas think that obstruction looks about 80% to me but won’t be able to get hold of a registrar this time of night am worried though just looking for reassurance.’

’My mate Nikki was performing a quadruple bypass on Daz last Thursday and she found the same thing someone said it was a fatty deposit but it was actually megasyphilis so just asking to be safe no nasty comments please.’

Local Mum Michelle Garridge replied: ‘You need to sterilise that implement tray properly hun its a clinical must if you don’t have someone already my mate Kaz does sweet cones, cupcakes and large scale medical utensil sterilisation just send her a message as she isn’t getting PMs at the moment she had to turn them off as someone accused her of leaving C-Diff on a scalpel but it’s rubbish because she used Cilit Bang and she only has it in for her because she tongued her cousin Ross down behind KFC on the High Street last Wednesday.’

Another Mum replied: ‘Sorry to jump on your post but does anyone know when Friday is this week as I lost my phone.’

’Also you’re well lucky to get your stents so quick I had to wait three weeks for a doctors for Alfie because I was worried about two small growths under his willy and they turned out to be testicles but the doctor touched them to check is this normal I am worried now.’

’I’ve reported him to the police just in case.’

342 comments later, the group admin Helen Goerring-Himmler commented: ‘Turning comments off now as the OP’s DS and DD are both DFS, PPI and RSPCA.‘