SOCIAL SERVICES Step In After Mum Names New Baby KEITH


A young mum has been telling Southend News Network about her ‘terrifying ordeal’ after her baby was taken into care over an ‘inappropriate name.’

According to Chloe Shpurnham from Central Southend, officials arrived at her home with police officers when her son Keith was just three days old – the infant was removed under the terms of a court warrant that had been issued at Southend Family Arbitration Court.

In a brief statement, the district’s Child Protection Officer said that the name could cause the child a huge amount of distress in the future.

Chloe has now begun proceedings to have her beloved son returned, and she said: ‘I chose ‘Keith’ as I am really keen for him to have a future career in insurance sales or plumbing, and I thought that the name could give him the best possible change of success.

Instead, a group of people in uniform gained entry into my property and told me that no child had been named ‘Keith’ in the UK since 1962, and as a result I have also now been charged with child cruelty.’

According to a leaked email that we have seen, the Social Services Cruel Name list for Essex includes Keith, Colin, Nigel, Horace and Ian – parents should be aware that registering any of these could lead to further investigation.