Outrage After Soldiers Refused Service In Supermarket As They Were In Uniform


There has been an angry public reaction after two soldiers in uniform were REFUSED SERVICE in a supermarket because it was against the employee’s religion or something.

Although we are not allowed to name the supermarket for legal reasons, a source told us that the incident took place in a superstore in Scotland.

He said, ‘They walked up to the counter in uniform to pay for two cans of Skol and a couple of steak bakes from the rotisserie counter, and the member of staff just walked away while muttering something about being sixteen.’

’The manager was unavailable at the time as I believe he was dealing with some pigeons up on the roof.’

’I remember the whole thing clearly. There was a song blaring out of the PA system that sounded like a terrible cover version of that song from Ghost when that bloke and the woman were on the pottery wheel.’

’It’s disgusting, and although it took place around 300 miles away from London I have to say that it is Sadiq Khan’s fault.’

Just after this photo of the pair was taken, we were unable to get an interview as they ran off when they noticed that their bicycles had been unchained.