Center Parcs Goes Into Administration After Giving Away 1000 Holidays On Facebook


It has been confirmed that the holiday company Center Parcs has gone into administration after a rogue employee opened a Facebook account and gave away 1000 free holidays.

A viral Facebook post with an assortment of shiny gold envelopes was used for the giveaway, and sources have revealed that the £356m in lost income will effectively force the business into insolvency.

One source added, ‘He had no idea that so many people would fulfil the very complex criteria of liking, sharing and commenting.’

‘As a result, the whole promotion was heavily over-subscribed – it was like the Hoover Flights fiasco except with the like farming for a page that will eventually start selling animal porn.’

The forest-based holiday company is especially popular with sporty middle-class families who all go on holiday wearing matching sporty sportswear so that everyone around them can know how amazingly sporty they all are.

HSBC are also expected to be heavily affected by the news, with the bank having only just launched their groundbreaking remortgage product for homeowners looking to fund a four-night break by leveraging the value of their existing property.

In another shocking development, Virgin Atlantic will also cease trading after one of their air hostesses gave away 10,000 first-class round the world tickets.

There is one recovery plan for the airline that will involve adding a full stop after their company name on all aircraft.

Agonising screams could also be heard from the owner of a motorhome showroom in West Virginia, USA, after a consignment of 50 motor homes were declared ‘unsuitable for sale’ because the external paintwork was the wrong shade of magnolia.