GB News Forced Off Air After Lee Anderson Learns How To Create Fire During Live Show


GB News is currently offline after the Conservative MP and presenter Lee Anderson discovered how to create fire during a live broadcast.

Shortly before 8pm this evening, Anderson was filming outside a garden centre in Mansfield while talking to Nigel Farage about whatever Downing Street had told him to, when he suddenly picked up a pebble and started banging it against a nearby rock repeatedly.

Shocked viewers then heard a series of grunting noises, and a few moments later Anderson was collecting kindling while staring on with a look of absolute amazement.

Shortly afterwards, the GB News testcard appeared, and a thick Nottinghamshire accent could be heard proclaiming, ‘Me spear mammoth now. Ug, me duck.’

At the same time, Mr Farage was heard mumbling, ‘Why don’t you f**k off back to Doggerland.’

At the present time, GB News stil remains off the airwaves, with the channel showing an advert for limited edition gold sovereigns with Michael Buerk on a loop.